The Jews then complained about Him, because He said, “ I am the bread which came down from heaven.” And they said, “Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? How is it then that He says, ‘ I have come down from heaven’. John 6:41-42

Sometimes we can miss the divine because we are looking for something so special whereas God is providing it to us through the everyday.

A sporting example of this is the Sky Cycling Team. Thy were good, very good. But they wanted more… Now when you are at the top of your game there is no spectacular thing that you can do to to increase your performance. What Team Sky did was make the bikes milligrammes lighter. This gave them milliseconds of time. They changed the diet slightly. Another small increase in time.

They changed the training slightly, a little more time. Now with all of these small, mundane changes came something spectacular. A Tour De France win. Great Britain wiping out the competition at the Olympics. Several years running now they have been the top of the world cycling world. The spectacular has come out of the everyday.

“Who is this man?” the Jews exclaimed. “We know him. He isn’t special!” With this statement they missed the divine because they are looking at the mundane. They saw a carpenter from Galilee. They saw Joseph’s son. They saw James’ brother. They saw just about everything there was to see except the very thing that defined Jesus – His divinity, and because of this they missed it.

Could there be people in your life that God has placed but you just overlook them, because they are just themselves? Are you looking for the special when actually the normal that is in front of you is what you require?

Are you praying for some special divine intervention when actually you already have the answer? I suggested the other day that you revisit the book of Proverbs. That is my advice again today. I have actually decided to make Proverbs my book this year. I am going to spend time in it every day, studying it, praying it, declaring it.

Wisdom and the guidance of the Holy Spirit comes up a lot. We see the answer to many of the prayers that we beg God for are actually found in our lifestyle and attitude changes. The stability, relationships, influence, finance and health that we are all looking for is simply found by begging God for it. No! These things are found in the everyday, incremental changes that we can make under the guidance of Father.

Just as the Jews needed to change how they looked at Jesus to see the truth that He represented so we need to change our attitude to prayer, to Bible reading, to a life committed to righteousness. Within these things are the huge, divine answers to the prayers that we are offering up on a daily basis.

God stepped into the lives of those Jews they just couldn’t see it. He is stepping into your life today. Will you see it?

The other question that begs to be asked and answered in today’s scripture is, “What defines you?” How do you see yourself and how do others see you?

As the Jews looked at Jesus they saw the son of Joseph and Mary. They allowed their impression of Him to define how they responded to Him. Those who came to Him as ‘The Son of David’ saw salvation and healing. Those who saw Him as the Messiah saw their lives changed. Those who saw Him as a local boy with ideas above his station. They saw nothing out of the ordinary.

What about you? Do people look at you as just a mum, just a student, a businessperson, unemployed? Do they define you by your health, “Don’t give that to them, they are diabetic, arthritic, depressed”? Do you define yourself in similar terms? I’m not clever, my background means I can’t do that, I am shy, I am clumsy etc.

Jesus was defined by the Father. “This is my son in whom I am well pleased!” Jesus was defined by His understanding of scripture. “I am the Bread of Life. I am the Light. I am the Way.” How will you define yourself today. Scripture says that we are children of God. Co-heirs with Christ. We are blessed beyond expectation. We are the righteousness of God.

What will you declare over your life today? How will you define yourself? What incremental steps will you take to reveal the power, wonder and majesty of the Kingdom of God in your life today?

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