When they had crossed over, they came to the land of Gennesaret. And when the men of that place recognized Him, they sent out into all that surrounding region, brought to Him all who were sick, and begged Him that they might only touch the hem of His garment. And as many as touched it were made perfectly well. Matthew 14:24-36

Look at the difference in faith between ‘the men of that place’ and us today. When they recognised that Jesus was with them they told everyone to come. They bought all their sick to Him in the expectation that they would be healed. No ifs, no buts and no maybes.

There was no clever theology, no protestant vs catholic, baptism vs pentecostal, calvinist vs charismatic. There was a need and there was Jesus. Jesus answers needs. Period.

Whilst they weren’t all Bible students, the people here would have known what the Scriptures say. They would have read the verses that declare God as our healer. They would understand the principles of health and abundance. They understood that Jesus saying and showing that he was the Son of God meant that He could fulfil all the promises throughout Scripture, so they came.

Expectant on a miracle. We do not see anyone not getting healed. Or rather we do not see anyone who came to Jesus not getting healed. There is a difference. Let’s look at it.

Jesus doesn’t need to be present to bring healing. “Go on your way and it will be done” is what Jesus told the scared father asking for his son’s healing, and his son was healed. So why wasn’t everyone in that town healed remotely?

[pullquote type=”left”]Healing has everything to do with the Father’s will[/pullquote]The woman with the issue of blood touched His garment and was healed. However the Bible says that the crowds were pushing in, so why wasn’t everyone who touched Him healed? Today’s verses say that, “as many as touched it (His garment) were made perfectly well.”

Now that suggests that if you didn’t touch the garment you wouldn’t be made well. You see, almost, and hear this carefully otherwise you might misunderstand, healing has nothing to do with Jesus’ will. Healing has everything to do with the Father’s will and Jesus said that He had come to do the Father’s will.

God wants us well. That is it. Take every clever theological argument, doctrine etc out of it. God wants you healthy. Find me one verse, one single verse that declares otherwise. The perfect will of the perfect Father is total healing. Jesus was operating in the power of the Holy Spirit, wilfully seeking to do Father’s will, so whenever He came across sickness there was never a question of shall this person be healed. There is no question. The desire of the Father is health. Perfect health.

So the people came and simply touched His robe. The power of the Holy Spirit mixed with their faith, their belief that God wanted them well, and they were made well. As many as touched Him. Perfectly well.

I love that phrase. Perfectly well. They weren’t just made a bit better. I don’t believe that anyone went with two issues and only saw one healed. God is in the business of perfect restoration. These people may have gone to the rabbis and to the priests. They would have made their offerings at the synagogue, they would have prayed and fasted. They would have done all they knew to do and yet they still needed healing.

Then Jesus came by. They believed in Him, they came to Him, they reached out to Him. They found healing in Him.

[pullquote type=”right”]God is in the business of perfect restoration.[/pullquote]So what about you today? You have done all you can. Will you now come 100% to Him? In our church we have a big cross made out of driftwood (I live by the sea). One day one of the ladies of our church decided that she didn’t want to be sick anymore. She had had enough. She had been to the doctors for treatment, she had had some prayer, but this day she decided. No more pain. At all. No excuses, no tolerating it, no ‘one day God might’, it was done, finished, over!

So this lady goes to the foot of the cross and prays, “Enough Lord, heal me.” Nothing. No healing, no bright lights, no angelic choir, no voice from heaven. Just her and this big shape of wood. But she had decided. “I will come back tomorrow and I will pray again”, I will not tolerate this anymore.

Everyday she went and prayed for her healing at the foot of the cross. Everyday her indignation at this pain grew, everyday her expectation that God is healer grew, everyday her faith and determination in His truth grew until after a few weeks as she went to the foot of the cross, every day, the pain could take no more and left her.

She had got whiplash injuries. They were healed. By standing daily at the foot of the cross she had filled her thinking, her understanding, her emotions with the victory of Jesus, with the will of the Father, with the power of the Spirit until one day she was fully in that place to ‘reach out and touch Jesus’.

Every healing that we read in the Bible is the result of a process. Someone had heard of Jesus. They have believed in Jesus. They have accepted that He can do great things. At this point they are still not healed! The final step is always the same. They went to Jesus and they did as He said.

Where are you in this process? Don’t give up. Reach out and touch His garment. Everyone who does is made perfectly well.

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